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Self-sustaining upgrades for ManpowerGroup office

Electric vehicle charging, rooftop solar panels, and energy-efficient lighting helped carbon emissions without operational disruptions.

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ManpowerGroup, a global workforce solutions company committed to decarbonization, approached Colliers tenant advisory services team for advice on making its Diemen office near Amsterdam more environmentally sustainable and self-sustaining. They are long-term tenants of the entire building, leasing more than 38,000 sq ft over seven floors.

Self-sustaining upgrades for ManpowerGroup office

Our sustainability team conducted a feasibility study from January to April 2022 on ManpowerGroup’s goals, which included electric vehicle charging, installation of rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels, upgraded windows and new LED lighting across the building.

The project required a careful evaluation of the building’s systems to both safeguard business continuity during the transition and to ensure ManpowerGroup could achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions. We collaborated with expert subcontractors to undertake a detailed assessment of the major power systems in the building and parking lot, with a view to supporting a fleet of as many as 300 electric vehicles, a proportion of which would need to charge simultaneously. Ultimately, we determined that ManpowerGroup’s plans were realistic and actionable.

Next, our design & development team made office upgrades using sustainable materials and solutions while the landlord agreed to enhance windows and install sustainable lighting on the building’s exterior.

Working in close collaboration with ManpowerGroup, we successfully delivered upgrades without impacting the building’s operations, bringing its office closer to net zero and making the built environment in the Netherlands more sustainable.