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Rural Valuer Jack Powell moves to Blenheim office


Rural Valuation strengthens the viticulture team in Marlborough

Jack has been with our Rural Valuations team since graduating from Lincoln University in 2015, working closely with Greg Petersen to achieve his registration in 2018 and continuing to develop his skill set and knowledge within the dairy sector. Being a high-power user of all sorts of applications, he is also instrumental in developing our modelling and database tools. He is always a welcome addition to every assignment.

At the start of 2021 Jack relocated to Blenheim. But his move was, in a way, a few years in the making.

On top of being a very capable rural valuer, Jack is also a talented rugby player. In 2019 we temporarily lost him to the sport when he took a sabbatical to play professionally in Krasnodar, Russia. After his contract finished, he decided to come closer to home and continued playing rugby in Sydney, Australia.

The silver lining in the Covid pandemic for the rural valuations team was Jack returning to New Zealand in April 2020 to work full time in our Christchurch office.

“Working in a business that fosters strong relationships and is very supportive has many advantages. I was able to pursue my rugby dream, without losing my connection to the Colliers team and the profession, which is a luxury not many have. I had the best of both worlds.”

While 2020 was a disruptive year on many levels Jack sought opportunities to expand his areas of expertise.

Jack had a few options within the business and he chose to join Tim Gifford, a Director and senior valuer, in Blenheim.

Tim Gifford is pleased to welcome Jack to Blenheim, “It is great to have him in the office. The workload here is growing and with him on board now we are very well placed to pursue all the opportunities that exist here for our business. Jack’s move is part of a wider process of building our capacity and capability in the regions, which is really exciting from a business development point of view.”

Although he couldn’t get Jack to move to Tauranga, Chris Boyd, Executive Director of the Rural & Agribusiness Valuation team, is also supportive, “Jack has always had a very inquisitive mind with a remarkable work ethic, and we are pleased that he is back with the team and seeking new challenges. We have always aimed to be a business that offers opportunities for our people and create an exciting place to work. It is great to see that our efforts are paying off and we are able to attract and retain the high performers in the profession.”

Why Blenheim?, we asked Jack.

“I have worked a lot with Tim over the years, he is very a well-regarded valuer in Marlborough and across the wider viticulture sector. Expanding my knowledge into viticulture was always on the cards and he is the best person to learn from. The timing of the opportunity was also ideal for my partner and I, as we were looking to make a change from city life.

"In our spare time we enjoy getting outdoors, so the move to Blenheim has been fantastic, with so many community sports to get involved in, plus being on the doorstep to the Marlborough Sounds, there are plenty of new adventures to be had over the coming months."

What would you like to achieve professionally in the next few years?

"At the moment, I'm getting up to speed with the Marlborough viticulture market, being based in the heart of the largest wine-producing region. So, to establish myself as a reputable viticulture valuer across the region is the goal.

"I still cover a lot of dairy work out of Christchurch, which has been my bread and butter for the past few years. I intend to stay very involved within the sector while continuing to develop my understanding of the Marlborough market.

"In addition to my valuation work, I am also working on a kiwifruit modelling project with Chris Boyd in Tauranga. Again, it is an industry that I am learning, but it is an opportunity to get involved in the North Island horticultural market during very exciting times. Kiwifruit has become a star performer over recent years on so many levels, so it is great being involved from an analytical perspective.

"Next door in Nelson, we have a strong forestry team, where we have leading experts that I can learn a lot from and am looking forward to supporting them.

"Working within such a dynamic company that encourages and supports personal and professional growth has enabled me to follow my passion for both sport and rural valuation simultaneously, while developing my knowledge and expertise in many areas across New Zealand.

"There is no shortage of opportunities to keep work fresh and interesting and the future looks promising.”

Find out more about our Rural Valuations service here or get in touch with Chris Boyd.

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Jack Powell

Registered Valuer | Rural & Agribusiness


Jack has a strong rural background growing up in North Canterbury where he developed a range of skills which have aided him in his valuation career. 

Jack started working for the company in 2015 after graduating from Lincoln University, where he worked alongside our senior valuers gaining valuable experience. During this period Jack was involved in undertaking corporate dairy farm portfolio valuations for financial reporting, planning and potential acquisition purposes throughout Canterbury and the Waikato, as well as assisting in high country station tenure reviews.

In 2018 Jack completed his registration before taking time off to follow a professional rugby career in Russia. After returning in late 2019, Jack returned to the Rural Valuation profession. 

At the start of 2021 Jack relocated to our Blenheim office where he is now working alongside Tim Gifford. Since moving to Blenheim, Jack has been involved in a number of large scale 
vineyard valuations for finance and rental purposes as well as continuing to work within the dairy and pastoral sectors. 

In addition to Jack’s valuation work he is also a high-power user of all sorts of applications helping to create efficiencies within the Company by developing our modelling and database tools.

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Tim Gifford

Director | Rural Valuation


Tim has 13 years property valuation experience and is based in our Blenheim office. Prior to joining CAPI in 2006 he worked as a valuer for Quotable Value based in Christchurch..

Since 2006, Tim’s client work has included viticulture, high country tenure review and rental valuations, pastoral valuations, lifestyle, specialised asset valuations and compensation for various infrastructure projects nationwide.

Tim’s viticulture experience includes the valuation of vineyards for financing, sale & purchase and rent setting purposes for a number of clients including Pernod Ricard, Indevin, Wither Hills, Cloudy Bay, Allan Scott Wines, Treasury Wine Estates, plus a number of others. Tim is also frequently engaged to provide valuation advice to most of the major banks. Having grown up and lived most of his life in Marlborough, Tim has in depth local knowledge of the region.

Tim has extensive experience in valuing large pastoral and high country properties throughout the South Island, either on behalf of Linz for tenure review or rent review purposes or for corporate and private landowners. Properties valued include Muller Station, Mt White, Mt Albert, Mt Creighton, Godley Peaks, Hossack, Glen Wye, Glenhope, Forest Range plus many more. Tim is designated as an assessor under Section 23P Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998 to provide rental assessments on Crown Pastoral Lease properties.

Compensation is another key area of expertise and Tim has provided property advice on a number of projects nationwide including Transpowers 400kV transmission line build through the Waikato, Central Plains irrigation scheme through Canterbury, land acquisitions for roading on behalf of the New Zealand Transport Agency as well as new transmission line easement assessments for various network operators throughout New Zealand.

Tim offers our clients excellent technical skills and market knowledge, together with a sound appreciation of both private and public sector imperatives. He plays a key role in our viticulture, pastoral and compensation valuation teams.

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Chris Boyd

Executive Director | Rural Valuation


Chris has 36 years valuation and consultancy experience across a wide variety of property related matters including compensation, financial reporting statutory compliance, acquisition and rural valuation. He previously held senior positions at both Valuation New Zealand and Quotable Value – where his primary focus was the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions.

His client work for the firm since 2008 has covered a range of property types and issues including; agribusiness, horticultural ,  lifestyle and residential development land, forestry land valuations, Emission Trading Scheme issues, specialised asset valuations, valuations for financing, due dilligence tax compliance, trust formation, matrimonial disputes and compensation. In addition he has provided expert evidence in the High Court, District Court, Maori Land Court, Environment Court  and Land Valuation Tribunal.

Chris’s infrastructure sector experience has included valuation and advisory projects covering compensation for easement and right of way property interests acquired by Transpower and other leading New Zealand energy companies, for new transmission lines and infrastructure upgrades, and compensation assessments for Crown entities taking property under the Public Works Act 1981 for motorways and pipelines.

His forestry sector experience has encompassed numerous valuation and advisory engagements throughout the country – including advice in relation to devolution of the New Zealand Forestry Service in the late 1980s, land value and rental review assessments as part of Crown Forestry license protocols and Maori Land rental review requirements, various Treaty of Waitangi settlement awards and providing expert evidence.

Chris is based in our Tauranga office and offers our clients sound market advice founded on a comprehensive understanding of the specific sector dynamics and balanced by experience gained working on behalf of owners, regulators and adjudicators in both the public and private domain. He is involved in a number of practice areas including forestry, dairy, Kiwifruit Avocados, infrastructure and pastoral.

Chris is the immediate past chairman of the Tauranga branch of the Property Institute of New Zealand and is a member of  the Waikato No. 4 Land Valuation Tribunal and the Directors Institute of New Zealand.

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