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The week in global real estate - 10 February 2021

The week in global real estate  10 February 2021

A weekly update of the biggest real estate news from around the globe.


  • The Christie Building in Brisbane, Australia will have a $25M makeover. The plans include stepped terraces adding 1,488 sqm of office space and 353 sqm of outdoor space. The top floor will be rebuilt as a penthouse boutique office space. More info here.
  • Amazon has plans to build a $2.5B development in Arlington, USA. The development comprises 260,000 sqm of office space across three 22-storey buildings, including a sculptural helix building. The development will be solar-powered and designed as net-zero carbon. More info here.
  • TikTok has identified five locations for a new headquarters in Dublin. They are seeking 18,580 sqm for 2,000 workers, and want to operate from the site at the end of the year. More info here.


  • Neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo is planning an $800M brain and spinal research institute in Blacktown, Australia. The 150,000 sqm space will include a university medical research institute, a private hospital and retail space. More info here.
  • Amazon is planning its eighth fulfilment centre in Tennessee, USA. Development of the 58,975 sqm centre will begin in 2022 and create 800 new jobs. More info here.
  • Home Depot has opened a new distribution centre in Dallas, Texas, USA. The 139,354 sqm centre is a green development with a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell charging station. The centre offers same-day delivery to Home Depot’s do-it-yourself and professional customers. More info here.
  • ESR Australia is planning an $83M pharmaceutical distribution facility in Sydney. The 36,000 sqm warehouse will be temperature-controlled and powered by solar generation. ESR has solar power plans for their $2.7B of assets. More info here.


  • B1M's latest video looks at how Apple builds its stores and the influence they have on other retail stores. More info here.


  • Australia’s Greek Orthodox Church is planning a $27.5M redevelopment of its archdiocese in Sydney. The redevelopment of the 173-year old cathedral will be carried out in five stages within the next two decades. The first stage will be completed by March 2024. More info here.

Hotels and tourism

  • Central Plaza plans to open eight hotels this year in several countries including Thailand, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. The plans are supported by optimism about COVID-19 vaccinations. More info here.
  • The Tampa Edition hotel and residences has topped 26 stories in Tampa, Florida, USA. The development includes 172 hotel rooms and 37 private residences. The hotel is expected to be open late this year. More info here.


  • Outline Project is planning a 9-storey apartment block in Melbourne, Australia. The apartment block will include 48 apartments, a lobby, 677 sqm ground retail space and three levels of basement parking for 84 cars and 56 bicycles. More info here.
  • South Korea plans to supply 830,000 new homes by 2025 to help control surging house prices. 320,000 of the new homes will be in Seoul - this will be a 10% increase in the city's existing housing supply. More info here.
  • Plans for a Dutch-style neighbourhood in Gainesville, USA have been released. The development will include nine 2-storey cottages, 11 attached 3-storey townhouses and 111 sqm of retail space. The street is designed to be shared by pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles. More info here.


  • The City of Ryde, Australia has achieved approval for a $108.9M new town centre. The development will include council offices, public meeting rooms, function space and an art gallery. An existing civic centre built during 1964 will be demolished and replaced with a 7-storey building. More info here.


  • The Empire State Realty Trust will purchase wind power from Mountain Energy and Direct Energy to power their portfolio. The Empire State Building and 13 other properties will be powered solely by wind. This will avoid 450M pounds of carbon emissions. More info here. 

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