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Colliers Commute | Real estate decisions made simpler

Choose the right location for your business with ease 

Whether you’re considering a new office location, relocation or opening a new warehouse or even a retail store, it’s vital to consider the impact on your employees, business and customers. With Colliers Commute, you’ll have the power to make the right choice.  

How does the tool work?  

Colliers Commute expedites decision-making with a comprehensive dashboard that analyses potential location options against the postcode locations of employees. The report, which can be generated in just a few days with basic information on postcodes, departments and designation details, provides insights on:

  • Commute times and distance from the current location to other potential locations
  • Categorizes time taken to reach each location into 0-30 minutes, 31-60 minutes and 61-90 minutes, as well as by business department and seniority
  • A traffic light system on better suited options by commute time
  • A detailed map—with filters available at all levels—providing locations of each postcode against the potential area  
Who can benefit from Colliers Commute?  
  • Office clients contemplating relocation/hybrid or flexible working model
  • Industrial clients looking to compare options for the most optimum warehouse location
  • Retail clients trying to identify the most accessible location for their clients and employees

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