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Jeremy Ryan receives Colliers Rural Valuation Scholarship

2021 Schlarship winner Jeremy Ryan with Colliers Rural Directors Chris Boyd and Greg Petersen

The Colliers Rural & Agribusiness Valuation team is pleased to announce Jeremy Ryan as the recipient of the 2021 Colliers Rural Valuation Scholarship.

Greg Petersen, Director of Rural Valuation at Colliers, and one of the driving forces behind the initiative to identify young talent through the scholarship, says there were a number of outstanding applicants this year.

"It was not an easy decision, and it requires a great deal of consideration as we want to build long-term work relationships with the students who receive our scholarship.

"We are equally excited to have Jeremy on board with us this summer through the scholarship, as we are about the potential of offering Jeremy full-time employment after graduation."

Jeremy Ryan grew up on a sheep and beef farm in Mossburn, in northern Southland and has been part of the farming industry his entire life. He moved to Christchurch in 2015 to finish high school and enrolled at Lincoln University in 2018. Jeremy is just three exams away from graduating with a Bachelor of Land and Property Management with a major in Rural Valuation and Specialisation in Primary Production.

There is a family legacy behind his decision to study valuation at Lincoln University. 

“My late mother was one of the first female Rural Valuers in New Zealand, which undoubtedly put valuation in the back of my mind as a career option. But I kept an open mind about it and talked to people, attended open days and career expos before I chose my degree. Now I want to pave my own path in the industry," Jeremy says.

“I have always had a fascination with property, what drives value and what differentiates one property from another, and I have extended family in real estate too, which was an influence as well.

“My relationship with the Colliers Rural Valuation team started last year with an opportunity to shadow Kate Day, one of their Registered Valuers, based in Southland. The experience gave me a better understanding of the day-to-day workload of a rural valuer and reinforced my decision to seek a career in the industry.

“That’s why I am stoked to receive this scholarship. The money component is great, but I am more excited by the opportunities it brings. After I complete my exams in November, I am off to Invercargill to work with Kate again for the summer, and I am really looking forward to it. After graduation next year, I have the potential to be offered a position in the Christchurch office where the team is very experienced in the pastoral property market, which I am particularly interested in.

“It will be great to work towards registration with Colliers and learn from the best. All things going well, in a couple of years, I could be back working in Southland alongside Kate Day. This is where I want to establish myself professionally in the future. Southland is a great place to work, there's an influx of young people moving into banking and professional services roles, and it's home for me.

"I have a clear path for professional development ahead of me within a great team and it is up to me to work hard and prove myself," Jeremy says.

He has Greg Petersen’s vote of confidence.

“I am sure Jeremy will do well in the future. He appears to be really invested in everything he was involved with. In his 22 years' he has already started a business or two, so he is very entrepreneurial and proactive, an attitude that will serve him well in a valuation career. He likes to play rugby, but he also founded and managed rugby teams, as well as coached and undertook administration duties for them. He seems to have what it takes, and he is not afraid of hard work,” comments Petersen.

Chris Boyd, Executive Director of Rural Valuation at Colliers adds, “We aim to build relationships early with aspiring young valuers, by opening doors to students who are tempted by the profession and trying to match them with opportunities. We are creating a welcoming environment to attract, develop and retain the valuers we want on our team. We grow as they grow, and they grow as we grow.

“It’s exciting to see Kate Day, our first scholarship recipient in 2015, now a Registered Valuer, and now to welcome Jeremy and show him the ropes of rural valuation. There is great deal of the company’s resources going into developing new talent and it is rewarding to see that we are succeeding in these endeavours.

"We welcome Jeremy to the team, and we are committed to help him succeed,” Boyd says.

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Chris Boyd

Executive Director | Rural Valuation


Chris has 36 years valuation and consultancy experience across a wide variety of property related matters including compensation, financial reporting statutory compliance, acquisition and rural valuation. He previously held senior positions at both Valuation New Zealand and Quotable Value – where his primary focus was the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions.

His client work for the firm since 2008 has covered a range of property types and issues including; agribusiness, horticultural ,  lifestyle and residential development land, forestry land valuations, Emission Trading Scheme issues, specialised asset valuations, valuations for financing, due dilligence tax compliance, trust formation, matrimonial disputes and compensation. In addition he has provided expert evidence in the High Court, District Court, Maori Land Court, Environment Court  and Land Valuation Tribunal.

Chris’s infrastructure sector experience has included valuation and advisory projects covering compensation for easement and right of way property interests acquired by Transpower and other leading New Zealand energy companies, for new transmission lines and infrastructure upgrades, and compensation assessments for Crown entities taking property under the Public Works Act 1981 for motorways and pipelines.

His forestry sector experience has encompassed numerous valuation and advisory engagements throughout the country – including advice in relation to devolution of the New Zealand Forestry Service in the late 1980s, land value and rental review assessments as part of Crown Forestry license protocols and Maori Land rental review requirements, various Treaty of Waitangi settlement awards and providing expert evidence.

Chris is based in our Tauranga office and offers our clients sound market advice founded on a comprehensive understanding of the specific sector dynamics and balanced by experience gained working on behalf of owners, regulators and adjudicators in both the public and private domain. He is involved in a number of practice areas including forestry, dairy, Kiwifruit Avocados, infrastructure and pastoral.

Chris is the immediate past chairman of the Tauranga branch of the Property Institute of New Zealand and is a member of  the Waikato No. 4 Land Valuation Tribunal and the Directors Institute of New Zealand.

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Greg Petersen

Director | Rural Valuation

Christchurch (Rural Valuation)

Greg is an experienced registered valuer and leads our Canterbury rural valuation and property consultancy team in Christchurch.

Greg specialises in the valuation of rural property throughout Canterbury and the South Island. His work for the firm has included financial reporting valuations of large scale rural portfolio’s, compensation assessments for major infrastructure projects and one off individual farm valuations for lending, estate and development purposes.

Greg offers our clients excellent technical skills and he has a highly developed understanding of the public sector and relevant legislation. He plays a lead role in our corporate dairy farm valuation work, high country, infrastructure compensation and in other valuation practice areas.

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Kate Day

Registered Valuer | Rural & Agribusiness


Kate is a born and breed Southlander. Growing up on a sheep and beef farm in Central Southland gave her an invaluable appreciation and understanding of the area and primary sector.

Kate graduated from Lincoln University in 2015 with a B. Com. Ag majoring in Agricultural Management and Rural Valuation. In her final year at Lincoln she received the Colliers Rural and Agribusiness Valuation Scholarship and consequently joined the company in 2016.

Kate worked out of the Christchurch office for four years, focusing predominantly on valuing properties in the Southland and Otago regions, gaining experience in dairy, sheep and beef, high country, horticulture and viticulture industries. She was also involved in developing datasets, overview analysis and trend commentaries for the Southland and Otago rural property markets for clients and communication reports.

In May 2019 Kate gained her registration and started building her own portfolio of clients in the Lower South Island.

In January 2020 Kate moved to Southland to open the first Colliers Rural Valuation office in the region.

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