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Lifestyle Property Sales

From a few acres to 50 + hectares, our rural lifestyle teams sell lifestyle blocks across all of New Zealand.

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From small-scale parcels to expansive properties spanning 50+ hectares, our team of rural lifestyle advisors specializes in the sale of lifestyle blocks across New Zealand.

Embracing the Kiwi dream, owning a piece of the New Zealand countryside with ample space for livestock grazing or crop cultivation, while remaining conveniently close to urban amenities, has long been a cherished aspiration.

But what exactly constitutes a 'Lifestyle Block'? At Colliers, we define this property type as a compact rural holding primarily intended for residential purposes, featuring a larger land area where the primary source of income is derived from non-farming activities.

These properties can be situated near urban centers or in more secluded rural areas, where the land size is often economically unviable for traditional farming operations, resulting in limited income potential.

Find the latest information, market research and insights for lifestyle property sales, connect with lifestyle property advisors from around New Zealand, or browse our featured lifestyle properties for sale.

There is a huge variety of lifestyle properties on the market, so before you start looking, it pays to know what the perfect block of land looks like for you.
We have put together a list of the key considerations when purchasing a lifestyle property and to help ensure there are no extra costs or surprises down the track.

Key considerations when purchasing a lifestyle property

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