Canterbury Sheep and Beef Farm Sales Map - March 2019

Sheep and Beef Sales - March 2019

Canterbury Dairy Market – March 2019.

North Canterbury has seen more transactions occurring than other parts of Canterbury, albeit sales are of predominantly small to medium properties and usually at levels less than ten million dollars as evidenced by the sales analysed in the sales map - click on the image below to download your own copy.

Buyers appear to be either existing operators buying more land to increase the scale of their current operation or dairy farmers purchasing land in non-traditional areas for dairy support, likely driven by a desire to become self-contained to mitigate the risk of Mycoplasma bovis.

Younger farmers, sometimes with family assistance are also purchasing their first farms or selling to buy larger units to increase the scale of their operation.

Interest in properties for afforestation is increasing with offers being made on properties, although to date buyers of properties have been sheep and beef or dairy farmers. In other part of the country sales for afforestation in some instances have occurred at levels above pastoral values.  

We consider it likely the saleability and value of properties in a productive state i.e. those with a good fertiliser history, a re-grassing programme and well-maintained farm infrastructure will be more keenly sought after by buyers than those properties without these attributes. It’s possible the gap between low and high quality properties could widen further as purchasers become more focused on the profitability of the farming operation. 

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