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We are serious about our work but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We value an optimistic, energetic and dynamic work environment that emphasizes social as well as business interaction.

Commercial real estate is always busy, but amidst the busy-ness, Colliers Christchurch sets the tone by encouraging employees to get together. Throughout the year, employees are given an opportunity to give back to their community in charitable ways. However, giving back to the community is just one aspect of how the Christchurch office shows their team spirit.

This page will provide you with a look into the Christchurch office’s social and community events. Check back often, as we are always adding more fun events that we are involved with!

Colliers International Christchurch Culture

Good people are at the heart of every success story, but they are also hard to find and require a stimulating environment to be retained.

Our staff undertake regular courses and independent research. Everyone is encouraged to take the initiative and test new waters and champion new projects so that the business improves and adopts new practices. We continuously evolve and improve our services and doing it seamlessly has been a credit to the team’s positive attitude that drives our success.

We foster an extremely positive culture and there is an equal amount of work and laughter within the office. Our well known end of year functions have a very strong focus on fun and always including staff partners and spouses.

To help address the shortage of rural valuers in New Zealand we fund a Rural Valuation Scholarship at Lincoln University to encourage students to pursue a career in rural valuation. We have three recent graduates as part of our team and will be supporting them towards their registration.

We actively participate in conversations within the primary and valuation sectors and hosts a number of annual events to facilitate dialogue and collaboration with other industry professionals. All our senior staff serve, or have served, the profession by sitting on industry boards and contributing to discussions around professional challenges and maintaining highest standards throughout the industry. 

“We have a very strong company culture and proudly fussy about the staff we employ. We all enjoy a good work life balance, one that is actively encouraged. It is no coincidence that the majority of staff are active, whether tramping, on the field or running the Heaphy Track (every team has a loveable eccentric).

We all have a chance to make a mark and build both the Colliers and our own brand through specialisation and skills. What I enjoy about the work I do is the variety, the national focus, the wide skillset in our team, the strong company culture and relationships and the recognition we receive.”

Praveen Menon. Associate Director

“The team provides a stimulating and challenging work environment, and at the same time we keep it enjoyable, flexible, supportive and rewarding. The long-standing nature of most staff members’ careers within the company evidence this.

Our clients appreciate our expertise and capacity, but also our willingness to listen and the opportunities we give for open discussion around their complex asset portfolios. This is how we build the long-standing relationships we have with our clients”

Ryan Bratty, Associate Director


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